Jamaican Police Utilize LTI's TruCAM to Silence Arguments

by kharrold 8. May 2015 12:26

Being a global company, Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), works to put our traffic safety enforcement equipment in the hands of law enforcement agencies worldwide. We strive to give all agencies the opportunity to make a commitment to traffic safety in their area. The Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) has made that commitment. The JCF website states, "In keeping with the demands of Policing in the 21st century, the Jamaica Constabulary Force has moved to modernize its operations through technology…"

JCP receives training on LTI's 20/20 TruCAM.

The JCF recently purchased multiple LTI 20/20 TruCAM video and speed lasers to fight violators' allegations that Police radar was actually catching surrounding cars, not theirs.

One enormous benefit of using Lidar for speed enforcement is the accurate targeting, allowed for by the small beam size. Typically, at 1,000 feet down range, a RADAR unit will have a beam divergence of 250 feet. A Lidar unit, on the other hand, has a typical beam divergence of just 3 feet at an identical distance.

In addition to the ability to pinpoint a target, the TruCAM captures a video and/or a static image of a violator's license plate and vehicle, leaving no room for argument. The TruCAM can be used to enforce speeding, tailgating, large truck violations and other violations which can be proven by the complete chain of video evidence that the unit provides.

Sales director Steve Colburn recently visited the JCF at their headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica to provide operational training. The instruction consisted of 2 full days of classroom and field exercises for nine officers including the Chief Inspector, a Deputy Inspector, four Patrol Officers and three service technicians. The JCF will also receive service training in the future to better maintain their equipment.

LTI commends the commitment the JCF has made to use advanced policing technology and LTI will continue to provide groundbreaking products to assist agencies across the globe with similar goals.

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