Traffic Safety Grants Benefit Police Departments

by mphippen 5. November 2014 12:03

Get State of the Art Technology by Winning Grant Funding

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has long advocated the use of grants to help secure TruCam, DBC, TruSpeed, and QuickMap for accident investigation. In an online article on "Your West" it announced a highway safety grant awarded to the Surprise, AZ Police Department picking up a $46,725.00 grant which will include new LIDAR instruments. Read article: Surprise police awarded highway-safety grants.

TruSpeed Sx

What makes the Surprise award so important is the fact this Phoenix suburb has grown from 30,848 in 2000 to over 120,000 today nearly quadrupling the city's population! Surprise and Departments all over the country understand how much more effective traffic enforcement is when using the pin-point nature of LIDAR versus Radar, particularly an LTI TruSpeed Sx laser speed device.

The revolutionary design of the TruSpeed Sx offers the accuracy and reliability that LTI is known for, yet priced so even the smallest of departments can afford to adopt a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) program for both speed enforcement and accident investigation! The story also reinforces the primary use of grants to establish programs that effectively reduce speeds and subsequently save lives. With the addition of DBC (Distance Between Cars) firmware aggressive driving incidents involving tailgating, dangerous lane changes, and excessive speeds are quantified and documented on high resolution video and courtroom ready!

The grant application simply tells the story of how deployment strategies can be tracked by easily logging the operator's name, location (GPS), and the time/date into a TruCam to quickly validate the level of success for the length of the intended program.

When local stats and anecdotal accounts of DUI rates, recidivism rates, fatals, and injuries are inserted in the application, the inclusion of LTI's capabilities gives the department all the tools necessary to make quarterly reporting to the Highway Safety Office near self-sustaining. Simply import the data onto a spreadsheet to compare all newly captured data to the base line stats. Eureka! Your reporting is finished. It is just that easy!

LTI co-hosted a webinar with Jeff Merriman to provide law enforcement agencies tips on how to be more successful in writing and winning grant awards for traffic safety equipment. Watch the recording at Grant Writing Guidance Webinar.

Look, if you haven't had the opportunity to test drive the LTI family of traffic enforcement lasers call 1.877.696.2584 for a practical demonstration. You and your department deserve state-of-the-art in LIDAR instrumentation. Do yourself a favor and fill out a grant application.

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