Connecticut Towns Integrate Plans to Keep Pedestrians Safer

by kharrold 23. October 2014 11:13

Laser Technology's TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun Used to Help Enforce Local Traffic Laws

LTI's TruSpeed
Laser Speed Gun

When the term traffic safety is used we don't always think about pedestrians and how they fit into this picture. Yet, dangerous driving is a very real threat to people on foot and other non-motorized vehicles. An article recently published by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign features details about the comprehensive safe streets initiative launched in Bridgeport, CT. Several pedestrians have been killed by motorists in the town in the last four years, prompting Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch to bring attention to the fatal matter.

Finch has stated that the campaign is "a multi-faceted approach" and he is not alone in this safety initiative creation. Stamford, CT Mayor David Martin introduced the Stamford Street Smart campaign just last month. He also refers to their campaign as a multifaceted approach. Both campaigns are cracking down on distracted driving and jaywalking.

In the article Connecticut Police are shown using a LTI 20/20 TruSpeed laser speed gun to enforce local traffic laws to keep pedestrians safe and ultimately promoting harmony on local streets. Read Tri-State Transportation Campaign article.

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