Following Too Closely Crackdown in Colorado Town of Parker

by kharrold 15. October 2014 14:09

Parker, Colorado is just a few miles from the Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), Corporate Headquarters and is home to many LTI employees and their families, along with about 45,000 other Coloradoans. Parker made CNN Money Magazine's Best Places to live list in 2013 and is listed as one of the 50 safest towns in America for your family.

LTI's UltraLyte LR 100 with DBC

The town's monthly newsletter hit mail boxes early October, featuring an article about the a campaign to reduce speeding and following too closely in an effort to help Parker remain one of the nation's safest cities for families. An elaborated version of the Following Too Close and Speeding article can be found on the Parker Police Website. The story highlights that this initiative will be carried out using a newly purchased laser speed gun, the LTI 20/20 UltraLyte with DBC (Distance Between Cars) feature and that "the goal with using this technology is to help reduce the number of preventable rear-end collisions." Using the UltraLyte with DBC can certainly achieve this.

This tailgating firmware in the speed laser validates violations by capturing the individual speed of two vehicles traveling in the same line and within close proximity of each other. The laser speed device then calculates the time and distance between the two moving vehicles. In the past, officers had to confirm violations based on their personal observation, but now the UltraLyte with DBC objectively validates the precise traveling time and distance between two moving vehicles traveling within the same lane.

Following too closely causes the most crashes in the fall months in Parker, hence the timing of the high visibility enforcement and tips available to the public explaining what tailgating is and how to determine if you are tailgating. With more time needed for stopping during the winter months in Colorado and other states, this is a great time for all drivers to think about safe driving habits.

Read more about how LTI's products assists law enforcement in Tailgating (Following Too Closely) violations or about our DBC (Distance Between Cars) Firmware.

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