Why Write Tickets? Speed Enforcement Explained

by mphippen 1. August 2014 10:50

Laser Technology and its family of Traffic Safety lasers including the 25 year old Marksman, UltraLyte, TruSpeed, TruCam, TruSpeed S and Sx as well as Distance Between Cars (tailgating) firmware all accurately measure speed. Writing tickets with a bit of financial sting has proven to be the most effective way to remind motorists that speeding is not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to others as well. Both pedestrians and the motoring public are at risk. Slogans, PSA announcements, and statistic gathering don't come close to the personal attention law enforcement gives to speeders in the form of a ticket!

According to NHTSA a third of all traffic fatalities involve excessive speed. What's tragic here is the fact that the speeds we travel is completely under our control. In a local TV news story that identifies where in the state the largest numbers of tickets are written, they follow a State Trooper.

In the story the trooper laments the fact Colorado more than doubled the fine for going 10 to 19 miles per hour over the posted limit, yet it hasn't reduced the number of tickets written! Traffic Enforcement officers contrary to the age old rumor they operate under a mandated quota, write tickets to slow you down perhaps saving your life in the process. Not only does the speeding driver get a ticket, but those that let up on the gas to drive by are reminded to watch their speed as well.

Yes it hits the wallet pretty hard, but hopefully the ticket reinforces the fact that many traffic officers utilize the pin-point accuracy of an LTI laser versus radar and can pick the offending driver out of a tight grouping of vehicles unlike radar that can only monitor the out-in-front vehicle. Please note the story narrator mis-spoke by saying "in the eye of the radar gun" when in fact it was an LTI UltraLyte laser speed gun. These tools have been designed to help law enforcement keep our highways safe, and media stories like this one (KDVR - 5 top places to get a speeding ticket in Colorado) help to spread the word.

I can't stress enough how LTI's family of traffic enforcement lasers will make your department’s traffic unit far more effective in their shifts on the road. Give us a call at 1.800.OWN.A.LTI or email us to arrange a practical demonstration.

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