LTI New Speed Enforcement Tools Featured At Police Security Expo

by admin 25. June 2014 13:06

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App and TruSpeed Sxb Showcased at Expo

The 28th annual Police Security Expo has been a huge success with over 750 exhibits and thousands of industry professionals attending the event. The Expo is known as the longest running, most respected and best known security expo in the country. Teeming with the latest in technology, the expo gives law enforcement leaders the opportunity to better their departments and keep their communities safer.

Brian Ferry, of Laser Technology, discusses
new LTI products featured at Expo.

Sheriff Frank Balles of Atlantic County states during an interview with News Channel, "If you can take advantage of some of the new technology it lessens the load on the officers that you have."

One of the new products featured at the Expo is the LaserSoft SpeedCapture App and the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth. These products combined with a smartphone, provide a powerful speed enforcement tool that captures video images of the violator including time, speed and distance measurement.

In talking about the new product, Brian Ferry, Mid Atlantic Sales Manager of Laser Technology (LTI) states "In the age of technology, judges want more and more evidence before they convict somebody. This gives the officer that evidence."

Laser Technology has been delivering Traffic Safety products since 1991 when we introduced the Marksman, the first ever commercial speed laser device. We are dedicated and proud to provide tools that help save lives and keep our communities safe.

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