Distracted Driving Ad Causes a Scene in Hong Kong Theaters

by kharrold 20. June 2014 09:59

The internet is abuzz about a public service advertisement sponsored by Volkswagen that was played as a movie trailer in Hong Kong. The mostly young adult moviegoers are shown a point-of-view clip of a driver on a rural roadway, when all of a sudden; everyone’s cell phones receive a new text message. The text was sent with a location based broadcaster and everyone in the audience reaches for their device, taking their eyes off the screen/road. The audience hears a loud noise and the movie screen is instantly a crash scene highlighting what can happen when you divert your attention for just a second. The screen then goes white and reads, "Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. A reminder to keep your eyes on the road."

The distracted driving awareness video is powerful and the audience reaction is priceless, making this video quickly go viral. Hong Kong being a place where automobile and technology use are growing simultaneously, and young adults being the highest percentage of distracted drivers, it was a great audience to deliver this message to.

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

With the number of distracted drivers growing in all segments of the population, innovative technology to improve enforcement is needed. Laser Technology's (LTI) newest traffic safety solution, the TruSpeed Sxb and LaserSoft SpeedCapture app shows great potential as an enforcement device for distracted driving. The TruSpeed Sxb speed measurement and mapping laser offers a 7-power magnified scope, which give the officer a close up view if the driver is paying attention to the road or if they are distracted. SpeedCapture then takes image of what is seen through the TruSpeed Sxb scope.

LTI will be highlighting this solution in an upcoming webinar about distracted driving enforcement in addition to tips from the Orange County Sheriff's office to reduce distracted driving behaviors and best practices for launching and maintaining a successful anti-distracted driving campaign from Edward Hutchison, NSA's Traffic Safety Director. To register for the webinar please visit Combating Distracted Driving Webinar.

See more information about LTI traffic safety equipment.

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