Montenegro Police Department Acquire TruCAM Laser Speed Guns

by admin 20. March 2014 14:53

Laser Technology (LTI) dealer, SKY Technologies doo, delivered 14 TruCAM laser speed guns to the Montenegro Police Department at the end of 2013 as part of a campaign to help officers better enforce the speed limit on the roads and increase traffic safety in their country. This campaign came about after a realization that a majority of the traffic accidents and deaths on the roads were due to speeding and that assistance was needed to enhance the control of the police officers out in the field. Using the TruCAM will help law enforcement provide safer roads and save lives in Montenegro.

Goran Vagić of SKY Technologies and
police officer Goran Kuveljić from Podgorica
during TruCAM field training in Montenegro.

A two-day specialized training event was held at the end of February for the Montenegrian Police in Podgorica, the capitol of Montenegro, on the use of their new TruCAM laser speed guns. The training was very detailed including an introduction of the TruCAM which took place inside police headquarters; verification of units with Montenegrian Metrology officers and the teaching of two people on procedures and process of verifying the devices.

It also consisted of training for 10 controllers from each department on ticket processing and sending; and lastly, field training for 40 officers (4 from each police department) from the 10 police departments in Montenegro. The hands-on field training was held on the roadways from Podgorica to the Adriatic coast, and also on the ringroad that leads from Podgorica to Serbia giving the officers real-time experience.

The TruCAM laser speed devices have now been deployed throughout the territory covering all the major routes and highways of Montenegro.

The TruCAM is a laser speed gun integrated with a digital video camera and is considered the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available today. It is used in law enforcement not only for speed enforcement but also for tailgating enforcement. LTI's patented technology measures the time and distance between vehicles enabling officers to show video and photographic evidence of the offending vehicle.

Read more about LTI's TruCAM. For more information or a hands-on practical demonstration on our Traffic Safety products please call 1.800.OWN.A.LTI or email us.

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