Applying for Law Enforcement Grants

by mphippen 18. February 2014 09:04

Washington County Police Department Supplements through Grants

TruCams, TruSpeeds, and TruSpeed Sx units have, and continue to be, an important part of traffic enforcement worldwide. The overwhelming majority of these precision tools have been purchased through Traffic Safety grants. Literally $100's of millions are given to law enforcement agencies of all sizes throughout this great country of ours. The grants are awarded to support Police departments and their efforts to capture the offenders and make our streets safer. All the agency has to do is apply for it!

Washington County, Ohio has a population of 61,778, which for a county, is pretty sparse. Marietta, the County Seat is situated near Parkersburg, WV and is a shining example of how to take advantage of state and federal grant programs.

In an article by Jasmine Rogers of the Marietta Times, she outlines how the county is able to supplement their traffic enforcement efforts through a grant. Given the rural nature of the county nine fatalities in eight crashes last year seems disproportionate to me. They applied for and received a "$35,000.00 High Visibility Traffic Grant that pays for 700 extra hours of traffic enforcement per year…"

Like asking a parent for money, they want to know what you intend to do with it. It's the same in a grant application; in that there may be conditions attached. Washington County Sheriffs had to commit to joining the Ohio State Police in ten (10) national blitz campaigns. The county participates in these joint ventures every year and was rewarded with a TruSpeed laser speed gun through a grant from the Ohio Highway Safety Office! Remember grants for equipment alone is rare but can be included when vital to the success of a broader program designed to save lives.

You may remember last August LTI sponsored a webinar featuring Jeff Merriman who has successfully written $15 million in state and federal grants since 2005! The man knows what he’s doing.

If your department struggles with grant applications or even to get a fresh perspective I’d strongly suggest you take a few minutes and listen to this informative discussion regarding grants. Not only does he cover the necessary formal procedures, but also provides solid insight on how best to increase the odds of being awarded the grant dollars sought! Watch the recording of the Grants Writing webinar.

Also, if you’ve yet to see and feel any of LTI's family of traffic enforcement / accident investigation lasers it's time to test drive one! Please call 1.800.OWN.A.LTI or email us for a practical demonstration.

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