Consequences of Speeding - Powerful Video Ad

by mphippen 22. January 2014 10:08

LTI's Speed Enforcement Laser Speed Guns Help Save Lives...

Let's face it, nobody likes to be 'nailed' with an LTI TruSpeed or TruCam Laser Speed Gun and then be pulled over and ticketed! The $80 to $125 (or more) fine stings a little and is a sober reminder to slow down. This and other such blogs have driven it into our collective heads that "Speed Kills." You know the drill, the faster we travel the more time & distance it takes to stop. According to NHTSA excessive speed is a factor in 33% of all traffic related deaths.

NZ Transport Agency - Mistakes Video Ad

It's interesting to follow how other developed countries approach 'traffic safety.' The video from New Zealand - Speed Ad - 'Mistakes' is poignant from a different perspective. Excessive speeds have become commonplace on our roadways. We feel perfectly comfortable driving 15 to 20 mph over the posted limit because everyone else is, and we're simply keeping up with the flow of traffic. We're in complete control…right…?

What the video so dramatically points out is that people make mistakes. Safe driving involves making perhaps hundreds of judgment calls every time we drive. Distracted, stressed, and/or fatigued while driving will at times, contribute to poor if not fatal judgment. At speed, there is less opportunity for a driver to react to a mistake and recover, and this is the key message for this video. Most times we get to learn from our mistakes but not necessarily when behind the wheel. "To err is human…" and as far as I know only humans can obtain a driver's license!

So the next time a traffic officer pulls you over using one of Laser Technology's family of lasers either for speeding, aggressive driving, or tailgating; all captured on high resolution video back up, consider it a favor. Slowing us down for a while may have saved yours or someone else's life.

Look if you've not put a TruCam in your hands and put it through its paces, you're denying yourself a chance to see the most comprehensive traffic enforcement tool available today! Call 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or email us for a practical demonstration.

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