Republic of Slovenia Takes on Tailgating Offenders

by mphippen 1. November 2013 09:53

TruCAM w/DBC Making a Difference!

It's nice to see one of the lesser known members of the European Union embracing Laser Technology's strongest enforcement tool – TruCam with DBC (Distance Between Cars)! In an article published in Slovenias on-line newspaper Revija Nas dom, one of the first drivers cited by using TruCAM w/DBC shared their experience with fellow citizens. While the English translation was a bit rough, there was no hiding the driver's surprise.

TruCAM with DBC

Europeans have been dealing with automated enforcement for both speed and red light running for 35 years now, but this is the first time the familiar blue envelope containing a €200 fine was for TAILGAITING! I think the driver's shock at being fined for following too close typifies the caviler attitude drivers worldwide have towards this most dangerous of driving habits.

Traffic Officers everywhere share a certain level of pride at being able to 'estimate' speed and range and in my 23 years of working with Traffic Cops… most are indeed pretty good! Ironically though, much of the reluctance officers have in citing drivers for aggressive driving is because estimates can be challenged in court. Now all estimates can be confirmed so European courts can confidently punish violators! Every part of this deadly act can now be calculated and documented!

Slovenian law requires a driver to maintain a 2 second buffer between them and the out front vehicle. TruCAM w/DBC not only generates an accurate laser speed reading, but now through sophisticated mathematics can quantify the act of following too close! By delivering the speed of the offending vehicle, the elapsed time between vehicles, as well as the distance between, it becomes a "No Brainer" for any presiding judge! If that isn't enough, TruCam is equipped with a high resolution video camera that documents the entire violation in real time with close up stills of license plate and driver; obviously supporting the officer's testimony in court.

As an off and on traveler within European Union countries, I can only hope they follow Slovenia's example and will see the immediate benefits TruCAM w/DBC brings to their already existing efforts to create safer driving behavior.

If you've not yet put a TruCAM w/DBC in your hands, you're denying your department of the most versatile and comprehensive enforcement tool in the universe! Call or email us today for a practical demonstration.

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See the English translation of the article in Slovenia's on-line newspaper Revija Nas dom: here.

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