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by mphippen 14. October 2013 13:51

It's hard to say with any certainty just how many Laser Technology UltraLytes, TruSpeeds, and TruSpeed Sx’s have been purchased through successful grants, but assume a good many have. But in these days of budgetary restraint and prioritization police departments often times find themselves hard-pressed to get what they REALLY want.

In the last several months city and county law enforcement agencies have been recipients of substantial grant dollars designated for hiring additional personnel after years of hiring freezes and budget short-falls. These new hires need to be equipped! This presents new challenges for city administrators everywhere! That said, I read an interesting article by Nick Rappley of the 'Patterson Irrigator' who described how the City of Patterson, CA with a population of just over 20,000 came up with a commonsense approach to address the problem. Grants!

City leadership decided to bring in 'California Consulting,' a grant-writing firm to help Patterson go after its share of millions of dollars set aside to subsidize municipalities' to mitigate strained budgets. The city contracted with California Consulting for $3,000 per month w/per-diem and in less than two years poured $136,000 in grant dollars into the city coffers for various municipal projects. While in most cases the fees charged for writing grants are not supposed to be paid out of the award, regardless of how you look at it there's still a substantial net gain. Do the math!

A month ago Laser Technology sponsored a webinar in which we brought in Jeff Merriman, a professional grant writer with 17 years’ experience in law enforcement. In eight years he's successfully written over thirteen (13) million dollars in federal, state, and local grants for his municipal clients. Jeff couldn't emphasize enough the importance of getting the details right. I’m afraid this burden of collecting ALL the necessary documentation, forms, statistics, registrations, and countless particulars discourages many departments from applying.

This little town of Patterson, CA. realized grant dollars were the only way overdue city projects could be funded without serious tax increases or issuing bonds and made the investment to bring on the professionals who are still successfully working for Patterson.

Rod Butler, the City Manager, said so far, they've delivered with a California Department of Transportation Safe Routes to Schools grant and a CalFire Urban Forestry tree grant.

The firm also contributed to the city's efforts to obtain a near $3 million California Energy Commission loan to help with the cost of the Chevron Energy Solutions project, which will turn Patterson's city facilities green by using solar technology to generate electricity and retrofit street lights with more efficient LED technology." Do you think the firm has earned its keep?

Laser Technology's family of lasers will, without question, facilitate city departments in performing their tasks more safely, accurately, and efficiently. Professionals such as 'California Consulting' and Jeff Merriman can guide you through the process and finally help deliver what you WANT.

For more information on grants or our family of lasers, please email or call us at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI.

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