TruCAM Used For Speed Enforcement in Brazil

by mphippen 20. August 2013 09:41

Brazil was one of the first countries to recognize and embrace Laser Technology's TruCAM as an excellent solution to mitigate speeding and aggressive driving. It has been used for speed enforcement there since 2009 and has proved to be invaluable -- in fact, earlier this month on the front page of Santa Catarina, Brazil’s e-Newspaper is a picture of TruCAM’s video display showing the rear of a Mercedes clocked at 200 kilometers per hour!

Flagrant occurred on Sunday morning, in Palhoça.
(Photo: Federal Highway Police / Handout)(Translated)
Photo from Brazil's e-Newspaper,

The Need for Speed

What is it about human kind that needs to speed? Is it the danger? Perhaps it's the thrill one gets when the scenery rolls by in a blur; hair blown straight back. I have to admit there is exhilaration from speeding that's no doubt similar to bungee jumping. Although the jump is normally contained within a controlled environment, the leap of faith still scares the living daylights out of you. Speeding in an automobile though certainly heightens the thrill because of the many variables that factor into the act. Unexpected moves from another driver, unaware pedestrians, animals, and children can appear without warning resulting not only in death or injury to the driver but sadly also the innocent.

The offender was driving in Palhoca near Grande Florianopolis, which is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The island has beautiful beaches and BR 101 is one of the primary roads to Florianopolis. Like most populated places where roads, cars, and people merge, excessive speed always takes a deadly toll. Palhoca, Brazil has one of the more serious problems anywhere in the world. 5,406 vehicles were caught speeding over the weekend between Friday the 9th and Sunday the 11th! Even if speeds were monitored 24/7 it equals 75 citations per hour. Now that’s a problem!

The careless thoughtless driver of the Mercedes caught at 200 km is facing a huge fine and suspension of his/her license. The part of BR 101 driven through is loaded with café's, street vendors, and the 300 year old Florianopolis Metropolitan Cathedral – Parish of Our Lady of Exile, and is home to the Bishop and hundreds of parishioners. The police were amazed, no stunned, that nobody was killed or injured.

Do you believe in Divine Intervention?

Not being familiar with Brazilian traffic laws it's difficult to imagine mounting much of a defense for such an egregious act. But having said this, the Brazilian police made the important decision to acquire TruCAMS for precisely this situation. Not only does TruCAM instantaneously collect accurate speed, it will also calculate the precise distance and elapsed time between the offending car and lead car (DBC), while utilizing a high resolution video camera to document the offense in real time! This makes any defense futile while making the judge's decision easy.

If you haven't had a chance to test drive a TruCAM make sure to put one in your hands. Email or call 1-800-OWN-A-LTI to arrange for a practical demonstration. TruCAM leaves no doubt!

Read the article on Santa Catarina.

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