Operation 130 Safe Passage Using TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun

by mphippen 20. August 2013 12:51

Just when you think you've seen every application for LIDAR speed enforcement some creative people find yet another use for them. In a recent broadcast reported by Cleve Bryan of CBS 3, Officer Bryan Norcross, of the Burlington County Police Department demonstrates and talks about how they're using the TruSpeed laser speed gun. 'Operation 130 Safe Passage' program came about this year as an initiative giving law enforcement new resources to protect one of Jersey's most dangerous roadways - Route 130. In fact, Burlington County, NJ just lost another citizen to the Route 130 Corridor while trying to cross it. This totaled over a dozen deaths in recent years and Sheriff Jean Stanfield decided it was time to do something to mitigate the carnage.

In a multi-agency effort along the Route 130 corridor a concentrated speed enforcement presence is maintained while plain clothes deputies walk through marked pedestrian crosswalks giving the driver the opportunity to make the right decision and stop. If they don't there's a Deputy waiting for them ticket book in hand. That said the theme of 'Operation 130 Safe Passage' is one of shared responsibility. Pedestrians not using designated crosswalks also get a visit from the Sheriff's Department and a fine.

This cooperative between city and county agencies has applied ‘Operation 130 Safe Passage’ since May and has already seen a change of behavior in both drivers and pedestrians. This program continues for 18 months, and as Sheriff Stanfield states, "18 months that gives us a good amount of time to change driving behavior and how people look at driving on the 130 corridor." Congratulations Sheriff Stanfield!

Watch How TruSpeed Is Being Used For Operation Safe Passage
KWY-TV in Philadephia - 8-5-2013

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