Communication Campaigns Against Speeding and Distracted Driving

by admin 29. July 2013 11:23

We certainly know that speeding and distracted driving are dangers to the roadway. Both activities reduce reaction times and contribute to too many accidents each year. Laser Technology has the technology to identify speeders and distracted driving. For example, LTI 's 20-20 TruCAM collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for speeding and tailgating, along with a high-resolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number and facial characteristics of the driver -- a look at whether the driver is looking down or doing some other activity that would constitute distracted driving.

One Campaign Message from NHTSA

Use of effective technology is one important step toward improving driver safety, through enforcement of laws and deterring future violations. But how do we get the message out before drivers speed, text or engage in other distracted behaviors?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a variety of communications tools to help law enforcement officials and local governments inform the public of these dangers. At, police departments can click on "Campaigns" on the top left toolbar and access resources about specific campaign messages to reduce speeding and distracted driving: "One Text or Call Could Wreck It All" or "Phone in One Hand - Ticket in the Other." For speeding prevention: "Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine" and "Stop Speeding Before It Stops You." Each campaign offers a complete toolkit to catch the attention of even the most distracted driver, from fact sheets and posters to web ads and tv and radio spots. The materials are available in English and Spanish.

By educating the public and using effective LTI technology to measure violations and enforce the laws, we can create safer roadways and help save lives.

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