LTI Supports Teaching Today's Youth Safe Driving Habits

by mphippen 2. July 2013 12:59

Keep the Faith and One Eye Open

We at LTI support teaching today's youth safe driving habits, and focus on the message "complacency kills." As we approach the fourth of July, it is imperative for us as parents to remind our children the importance of safe driving. Ongoing issues with teen drivers such as drunk driving, distracted driving, and staying focused should be taken seriously by parents who continue to have the most influence on their teen’s driving behaviors.

While never one to criticize (much), I do feel it's important to think things through. And speaking of good driver behavior, do you realize the extent to which we depend on things going the way we expect they should? Paydays, walking upright, and the rising sun are things we all expect to happen and get pretty cranky when they don't. This notion of "Blind Faith" is vital while dwelling within an anthropocentric society, and tends to guide us through our day to day. This assurance that the lights come on when the switch is flipped governs the level of confidence with each step we take.

As a parent I was involved in all three of my children's driver education and wanted to instill in them some of the lessons I learned; usually the hard way. Unfortunately those anticipated behaviors can also kill us. Obviously having the faith everyone will be stopped while passing through an intersection, allows for a pleasant tour behind the wheel and is what we expect. That said, I recently completed a 1,500 mile drive from Detroit to Denver and saw firsthand what happens when this faith is breached. I remember vividly how I flunked my first attempt to acquire a driver's license because when asked to change lanes all I did was look in the mirror and move over. The instructor gave me plenty of opportunities but kept repeating my mistake; I never looked over my shoulder to make sure the blind spot was clear. Since then this simple action has saved me many times over from causing potential harm to me and my family, not to mention others!

While driving through a heavy rain storm just west of St. Louis, MO I witnessed a severe roll-over accident involving a Cadillac Escalade and a smaller Toyota Camry. It was a deluge. I think most everyone has experienced driving in these conditions and most of us will slow down as visibility deteriorates. I was in the right lane doing about 30 mph with my emergency flasher popping as were most of the westbound travelers when the Escalade drove by me going much too fast for the swamped highway. Not more than 50 yards past me, the Camry darted quickly and unannounced into the left lane directly into the Escalade. The driver jerked the wheel hard left to avoid the Camry but the Escalade hydroplaned hitting the left shoulder sideways and began to tumble into the center ditch that divided the lanes!

I pulled over and called 911 alerting police and emergency teams of the accident and then rushed to the flipped over Caddy to render assistance. Fortunately the driver and his wife were not seriously hurt but were understandably shaken up. The Camry kept going but both drivers were at fault. THIS WAS ONE VERY IMPORTANT PLACE NOT TO DO THE UNEXPECTED and both drivers did!

LTI takes pride in the Laser based Traffic Safety tools used by thousands of traffic enforcement officers around the globe. We'd like to think Laser speed enforcement has made an impact. Our pride is not limited to simply providing important traffic enforcement tools, but for the arresting officer’s success in court as well. All of this contributes to safer roadways.

If it wasn't for the dedicated men and women that literally risk their lives to enforce our traffic laws, I'm reasonably sure that when we flipped the light switch we'd experience varied sinister things instead of what we expect. If you've not had the chance to test drive an LTI laser for speed, tailgating, and accident investigation-- email or call us at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI for a practical demonstration.

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