Myanmar Police Expand Traffic Enforcement with Laser Technology's Laser Speed Guns

by valvino 1. July 2013 13:43

With the opening of Myanmar’s borders to the rest of the world they've also opened the door to technologies they've only imagined or at best read about. As most police departments are, the Myanmar Police are committed to saving lives through traffic enforcement programs. Major General Kyaw Kyaw Tun the current Director General has given the go ahead to expand their traffic enforcement efforts with additional personnel and equipment.

Myanmar Home Minister and Police Commanders.

Mandalay Transport Minister U Kyaw San and Traffic
Police V-Pol; Col. U Kyaw Htwe and other top police
ranking members and Ministry of Home Affairs

This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce Laser Technology’s TruCam with DBC (Distance Between Cars) feature. As we all know there's no better way to mitigate aggressive driving than to capture the violation on video to put speed, range, elapsed time and distance between the violator and lead vehicle in context with the arresting officer’s testimony. This is 'ironclad' evidence!

Ricky D'Souza, LTI’s Regional Sales Manager for South and Central Asia is currently in Myanmar demonstrating to all seven states and their respective police departments LTI’s line of Traffic Safety products including 'Accident Investigation' tools!

Laser Technology’s reach worldwide continues to advance enforcement efforts that have a direct effect on reducing and managing incidents that cause death and/or injury to tens of thousands annually. According to D’Souza all departments that have had a formal presentation and a chance to use it in practical demonstrations have committed to purchase multiple units.

If you’re interested in making a serious dent in aggressive dangerous driving, please do yourself a favor and contact us for an on-site demonstration.

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