LTI's TruCAM Catches Dubai Citizen Speeding

by admin 22. April 2013 11:43

Photo Lidar Speed Enforcement at its Best - the Proof is in the Video!

Dubai is a sheikhdom in the NE United Arab Emirates, consisting principally of the port of Dubai, on the Persian Gulf. Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East but has traffic issues the same as any modern city. With over a million citizens traffic snarls and congestion are commonplace. In 2010 the Dubai Police initiated an aggressive driver campaign and purchased 100 TruCams that serves as the foundation of their program.


If you’ve not had the opportunity to test drive this most important LIDAR speed enforcement tool, it would be worth your time to put one in your hands. TruCam equipped with DBC (Distance Between Cars) not only delivers highly accurate speed and range, but also quantifies tailgating violations by calculating the time and distance between the lead vehicle and the tailgater. More importantly though, in Dubai’s case TruCam is able to record the event in real time while capturing stills of the driver and license plate as well!

According to an article found in the Yahoo News, a “model” citizen began driving recklessly changing lanes and cutting off other drivers in an attempt to challenge them to race. After refusing to stop at the request of the police, a high speed chase ensued. In the article, the head of Dubai Traffic Police, General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, said: "He started driving on the hard shoulder after turning off the lights, thinking we wouldn't be able to get the plate number." Little did this citizen know, that the police were well equipped with the TruCAM, their own secret weapon that was ready to take on the challenge.

After running another red light, once again threatening the lives of the innocent, the driver found his way home thinking he had avoided capture. The police were waiting for him at his home where he was arrested. The entire pursuit was recorded and saved on TruCam's SD card providing the indisputable evidence needed to visually support police testimony in court. Read more on LTI's photo lidar technology, providing law enforcement with the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available in the market today...the LTI 20/20 TruCAM.

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