Amazing Race Contestants Have Speedy Encounter with UltraLyte

by valvino 16. April 2013 12:02

With all the dangers that can beset contestants on CBS’ The Amazing Race, from raging rivers to 'Elephants, Lions, and Crocs oh my', who would have thought that deep in the countryside of Botswana, Africa Caroline and Jennifer, aspiring country singers as well as Max and Katie the show’s newlywed couple, would have succumbed to none of the above. Rather the players fell prey to modern technology instead! No doubt planted by the producers the route driven turned into the African version of a speed trap. Even though Caroline and Jennifer prayed to a "Higher Being" to thank him/her for their good fortune, it seems it helped little as they received a ticket in spite of their begging!

Amazing Race Contestants Encounter Speed Trap.
Police Use LTI UltraLyte laser speed gun.

In the "Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow" episode these couples were hurriedly making their way from one point to the next in their quest to finish the race first. The two couples failed to notice the 60 km/h road sign in this rural area of the Botswana landscape and were pulled over by two Botswania Policemen for going 36 km/h and 16 km/h over the speed limit, respectively. That was the last thing either of these couples expected would befall them.

While both couples did their best to talk their way out of it, their pleas were to no avail. These police officers were well equipped in making their case for speeding to these Amazing Race contestants. They had measured their speed with the UltraLyte laser manufactured by Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) in Centennial, CO USA. All these officers needed to do was to show them their captured speed on the laser speed gun's rear display and it was off to the local police station to pay their fines.

To further exacerbate the situation, our aspiring contestants needed to pay their fines on the spot in pula, the local currency. While that was not an issue for Max & Katie, it was for Caroline and Jennifer who had to get their American dollars converted first before paying their fine putting them even farther behind in the race.

So, one never knows where the police will be enforcing their local speed ordinances. But, whether they are in the back country of Africa or a busy street in a major metropolitan city, the LTI family of laser speed detection devices will help to keep their streets and rural areas safe for pedestrians, other drivers, and the occasional cow.

To schedule a practical demonstration of the UltraLyte unit, or any of LTI’s laser speed measurement devices, please contact our sales department at 1.877.696.2584 or by email.

Here's a link if you would like to watch the Amazing Race's "Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow" episode - the first of the speed trap incidents start right around 6 minute mark. If you go through approximately 15 minutes you will see both of the instances where the speed was enforced. Enjoy!

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