Accident Reconstruction Course Hosted by Laser Technology

by admin 10. April 2013 09:18

QuickMap 3D Training - Mapping a Crash Scene

A special training course on Accident Reconstruction with QuickMap 3D is being held on April 30 - May 2, 2013 at the Allen Police Training Facility in Allen, Texas. This three day class is being taught by Bobby Jones Assoc., Inc. and hosted by Laser Technology, Inc. Attendees will learn all the ins and outs of the LTI mapping system and what makes our products a must have for you and your department. In addition to QuickMap 3D, participants will also receive an introduction to CrashZone.

QuickMap 3D Training

Whether you're just learning or need a refresher, this course will make sure to introduce you to the latest on crash scene mapping techniques. Attendees will also receive certification / re-certification on the use of LTI's mapping equipment.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Laser measurements and accuracy measurement systems
  • XYZ coordinates triangulation
  • Baseline reference points
  • Accuracy confirmation 3D mapping
  • Elevation and terrain mapping photography
  • Getting data admitted to courts
  • Hands-on instrument operation
  • Field exercises downloading and review data
  • Creating maps from raw data
  • Manual extraction of data

This three day class is offered at only $195.00 per person and is sure to fill up fast so sign up now!

For more information and to reserve your space, Register Here.

Bobby Jones is an LTI certified instructor and an ACTAR Accredited Accident Reconstructionist #678. Bobby will be the lead instructor for the class, which exceeds P.O.S.T. course requirements and I.A.M.F.S. mapping protocol standards.

QuickMap 3D is a field data collection software developed by Laser Technology to provide a quick, accurate and easy way for investigators to map crash and crime scenes. Read more on QuickMap 3D.

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