TruCAM aka "The Hunter" Has Impact on Traffic Fatalities Reduction in Abu Dhabi

by mphippen 28. November 2012 12:25

Fatal traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi emirate have fallen by 10% in the first nine months of this year from a comparable period a year ago. According to statistics provided by the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate revealed a fundamental improvement in all traffic safety categories! Having a very high death and injury rate, credit is given to them for recognizing and taking the steps toward trying to resolve this problem. They’ve put together a comprehensive program using the three ‘E’s of Highway Safety; Engineering, Education, and Enforcement.

There were 263 deaths on the emirate’s roads thus far compared to the 291 last year. The number of injuries has dropped by 7%, recording a total of 1,829 accidents compared with 1,964 in the same period last year. Fatalities and serious injuries that involved pedestrians have also dropped 22% from a year ago.

Do you think this was a coincidence or happened by chance?

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of ADP Traffic and Patrols attributed the overall decline in traffic related deaths and injuries to the effectiveness of their enforcement and public education campaign to mitigate traffic related incidents. Al Harithi further stated there was a "Remarkable decline in the number of collision accidents which have dropped by 7%."

In January 2012 as part of their overall strategy to reduce the carnage on Abu Dhabi roadways the police department purchased 60 TruCams with DBC (Distance Between Cars) feature. They immediately tagged the moniker of “Al Qanass” (the Hunter) to the purchased TruCams and set out to become the enforcers. Not only will TruCam provide accurate laser speed data, quantify ‘tailgating,’ and take high resolution videos of each event to put it in context, but has provided an additional bonus as well!

Now that Abu Dhabi has made cell phone use illegal, mandatory seatbelt use, red light running, TruCam has made a significant impact on these other traffic offenses further benefiting the ongoing traffic safety programs. Harithi is committed to further reductions and stated how important it is to keep pace with the latest technological advances in traffic safety and is very pleased with the results achieved thus far.

I found it interesting that within the educational part of their plan it gave Abu Dhabi violators a chance to attend various traffic safety classes depending on the violation and upon completion could have points assessed against their license removed. This is forward thinking.

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