Speeding In Colorado Neighborhood Comes with A Price!

by mphippen 15. November 2012 13:37

TruCAM Assisting HOA in Speed Enforcement

Not all jurisdictions are the same. When we speak of law enforcement or traffic cops we tend to imagine fully equipped cruisers with a light bar and in-car video system. This would be typical in most communities paying taxes for police services. But what if your community had no police to provide speed enforcement in your neighborhood? What would you do?

I’ll tell you what Roxborough Park, CO did. They took matters into their own hands! In an HOA Takes Up Speed Enforcement article posted on Denver’s channel 4’s web page it noted the Roxborough Park HOA purchased a TruCam laser speed gun and began a speed mitigation program. Evidently the posted 30 mph signs throughout the upscale community are largely ignored. When you consider the many children and joggers, not to mention the abundant wildlife always present, the morons driving sixty (60) mph have no clue as to how dangerous that is! It’s merely a matter of when, not if, a senseless tragedy occurs!

Utilizing TruCam’s laser and high resolution video camera the HOA is able to capture images of the driver and plate number, they began by issuing warnings. Now fines are issued on a tiered speed basis:

  • 1 to 4 mph over = $15
  • 5 to 9 mph over = $35
  • 10 to 19 mph over = $50
  • 20 mph over = $100

Even though announcements were issued as to the HOA’s intentions a small number of residents took issue with the HOA and argued it had no authority to issue speeding tickets. But a little research and logic tells us the immediate community drives on private roads owned and maintained by the HOA and do indeed have the right to issue tickets! Homeowners are even responsible for their guests and will be cited for their violations as well.

Private communities such as Roxborough Park don’t typically have municipal or county traffic enforcement in the community and not subject to speeding laws until merging with the public roadways. Obviously these idiots think they have carte blanche to endanger the lives and property of their fellow residents. Now speeding comes with a price!

Thanks to TruCam and some old fashioned common sense, the friendly confines of Roxborough Park will become a safer place to live.

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