TruCAM Selected As Best Solution for Traffic Safety In India

by mphippen 31. October 2012 09:39

According to the State Department travel by road in India is dangerous. India leads the world in traffic-related deaths! This got the attention of the authorities and has begun to take steps to reverse this dubious moniker.

The Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan quoted official statistics of 105,725 people killed and 452,922 injured in road traffic crashes in India in 2006. According to the Transportation Research Institute, the injured number is understated by as much as 5%! One literally risks life and/or limb when traveling by bus or car in this Asian country. It’s gotten so bad, the government finally made a significant commitment to invest not only in their infrastructure, but implement a broad based speed enforcement campaign as well.

Ricky D'Souza, LTI’s South Asia Regional Sales Manager  demonstrates the TruCAM to the Ministry of Police in New Delhi
Ricky D'Souza, LTI’s South Asia Reg Sales Mgr,
demonstrates the TruCAM to the
Ministry of Police in New Delhi

This is evidenced by India’s support and sponsorship of many International Traffic Safety exhibitions such as “Traffic Infra Tech Expo.” This was India’s very first exhibition to showcase high tech solutions for major road & infrastructure projects currently underway. This commitment was not lost on LTI.

Recently, Ricky D’Souza LTI’s South Asia Regional Sales Manager traveled to India to not only attend the above conference, but for a discussion and practical demonstration to introduce TruCam to the Ministry of Police in New Delhi as well. The police were accepting bids and demonstrations from an international list of players, manufacturers, dealers, and brokers vying for the business. But when the smoke cleared, the Ministry purchased 110 TruCam units with accompanying TruFlash’s for night time operations.

This is putting one’s money where one’s mouth is! When senior members of the Ministry were asked why they selected TruCam their collective reply was simply, “DBC (tailgating), high resolution video, and GPS generated deployment stats made sense for both the Ministry and the courts. TruCam offers us the best chance to reduce our country’s horrific death rate.” TruCam IS the final say in traffic safety.

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