Laser (Lidar) Speed Guns Compared in Police Magazine's Sept. Issue

by mphippen 19. October 2012 09:26

Since 1990 Laser Technology Continues to Deliver Quality Through Innovation.

For the high tech minded you’re already aware of LTI’s 22 year dominance in the law enforcement marketplace. Given we were the first laser speed gun ever to be used for enforcement, I suppose that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The early history of Laser Technology includes many breakthrough innovations:

  • A.I. Mapping utilizing the same enforcement laser unit
  • DBC (Distance Between Cars) quantifies ‘tailgating’
  • Laser DigiCam first laser based photo capture system
  • SpeedStat utilizing same laser speed guns for traffic flow statistics gathering
  • Specialized Laser unit for NASA used for all docking missions (evaluated & compared to Laser Atlanta)
Police officer using the LTI TruCAM

Today LTI is still the vanguard of the industry. With the introduction of TruCam and the TruSpeed ‘S’ series it seems to me that if LTI didn’t bring the advancements forward, our competition would be content to sit on their collective hands. ‘They’ say imitation is the highest form of flattery, if true; I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all our competitors.

LTI’s forward thinking, attention to ergonomics, and commitment to making the Traffic Cop’s job easier, continues to serve LTI well. This was reinforced last month by Police Magazine and freelance writer Craig Peterson. They asked to compare front line laser units from Stalker, Digital Ally, Kustom, Laser Technology, and Laser Atlanta who declined to participate.

To keep bias at a minimum, they (those that administered the evaluation) found a tribal traffic enforcement unit that had never used LIDAR—only RADAR. All they asked in return is not to be identified. Five (5) experienced traffic enforcement officers went through a NHTSA approved LIDAR training and were asked to rate each unit on 21 ergonomic and performance based categories. The results were not surprising:

  • Versus Kustom’s ProLaser 4 - LTI led or equaled 14 of 21 categories
  • Versus Applied Concepts Stalker – LTI led or equaled 13 of 21 categories
  • Versus Digital Ally’s Laser Ally – LTI led or equaled 12 of 21 categories

While utilizing five (5) officers to rate laser units is a very small sampling to be sure, it did offer an interesting insight. Our competitors were all over the map given the four (4) ratings; excellent, good, fair, and poor, while LTI overwhelmingly dominated the ‘good’ rating. This implies a steady and consistent performance even for the novice operators used in the comparison.

The unfailing commitment and desire to lead from the front is what motivates and drives Laser Technology. Never satisfied with the status quo, LTI will continue to improve its existing product lines and seek new and revolutionary ways to address, then adapt, in solving the problems law enforcement faces daily.

Read the Police Magazine article, Lidar Technology Comes of Age.

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