DBC Technology Getting Recognition for Assisting Officers in Tailgating Violations

by mphippen 30. August 2012 13:37

Finally…Police Departments are realizing the benefits of DBC (Distance Between Cars)! It’s gratifying to know our Highway Safety Offices give more than lip service to making our roadways safer. Anyone that drives knows that following too close is dangerous but if one keeps a safe distance between them and the car in front, some other nitwit will pull into the safe zone created once again making the safe driver look like the violator. I think I speak for safe drivers everywhere; "we’ve all been there!"

TruCAM with DBC technology
being used for tailgating violations

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel, yet you’ve got to ask yourself "why is tailgating essentially a scoff law?" In an Article from the Aurora Sentinel, it pointed out that for the entire year of 2011 only 705 citations were written for following too closely. Aurora, CO. is the second largest city in the state with over 300,000 citizens! 705 citations? Are you kidding me? On a mile stretch of Arapahoe Road west of Buckley the ADT (Average Daily Traffic) count is 39,539. Let’s be conservative and say only a third of them tailgate. Holy "Rear-ender" that's still 13,180 potential violations! To illustrate my point further, let’s cut that number in half leaving 6,589 per day potentially driving at a two second interval or less. 705 for the year? Less than 2 per day? Really?

The reason is simple. It’s a judgment call, the officer’s word versus the drivers and difficult to prove in court. Sentinel reporter Brandon Johansson interviewed Sgt Bill Revelle of the Aurora Police Department while using LTI’s new DBC Software to stop tailgaters. He explained he was ticketing only the more egregious offenses; those traveling less than a one second interval. The Sgt said, “At that distance, if the out front car hit its brakes, you have already rear-ended it before you can react.” Obviously that’s not remotely safe and completely irresponsible for that matter. Revelle further indicated that if their trial program goes well they plan to install DBC in many more lasers. Now that’s doing far more than ‘lip service.’

Tailgating is now quantified with two pulls of the trigger, and no longer relies on estimates. Do you want to make a significant difference? Invest in TruCam w/DBC. NHTSA grant monies are available for those states that have passed anti-texting or distracted driving laws.

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