TISPOL Holds Speed Enforcement Campaign in Europe

by smiller 29. August 2012 11:12

Last week, the TISPOL (the European Traffic Police Network) held a week-long Speed Enforcement Campaign targeting speeding motorists in which over 27 countries throughout Europe participated. The operation forms a key part of TISPOL's strategy designed to reduce the number of people killed and or seriously injured on roads in Europe.

On their website, TISPOL's article on the campaign states, "Excessive speeding is among the three road killers and is a leading cause of road accidents in young people aged between 18 and 25." TISPOL President Pasi Kemppainen warns: “Driving too fast is dangerous – potentially fatal. This applies whether you are exceeding a specific speed limit or driving at a speed that may be at or below the limit, but is inappropriate for the circumstances. The faster you drive, the higher your risk of being responsible for a collision, in which innocent road users might lose their lives or sustain permanent disability." Read more on the campaign in "Week of speed enforcement continues across Europe."

The UltraLyte laser speed gun by Laser Technology is currently being used in 15 European countries to help enforce the speed limit, thus assisting law enforcement officers and TISPOL in their campaign to reduce accidents on their highways.

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