Speed Limit Enforcement in Trinidad

by admin 29. August 2012 13:59

TruCAM and TruSpeed S Provide Solutions to Managing Speed Enforcement

Driving too fast, causing unnecessary accidents, breaking the speed limit, this sounds all too familiar; and enforcing the speed limit is one of the major problems that law officers are dealing with in Trinidad and Tobago today.

CTV First Up Paul Richards and Jessie May Ventour interviews Brent Batson, Director of National Road Safety Council on the 'high tech' speed guns which were tested during early August in Trinidad, Tobago area. LTI TruCAM and TruSpeed S were used during the speed enforcement testing on Trinidad's roadways. Richards calls Laser Technology's laser speed guns "James Bonds stuff" but then gets serious in talking to Batson on what an impact the introduction of these would have on enforcing the speed limit in their country.

Paul Richards, CTV holds TruCAM and TruSpeed S during interview.
Paul Richards, CTV holds TruCAM and TruSpeed S.

Batson states "Critical importance attached to this entire road safety system cannot be overemphasized," and stresses that right now there is a big hole in speed management and as a result "there's no consequence to people's actions, so people do what they want, they drive as fast as they want, drive as recklessly as they want cause there's no fear of the law."

Currently Trinidad / Tobago right now employ an archaic piece of technology in their effort of charging people with breaking the speed limit - a stopwatch.

Watch the interview with CTV and Batson.

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