LTI Provides High Tech Tools for Law Enforcement

by mphippen 28. August 2012 13:21

TruCAM and DBC technology are some of the high tech tools that are making a difference in enforcing the law for Longmont Police, giving them a safer, quicker and more efficient way to provide evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt of speeding infractions, following too closely or even mapping accident scenes.

In the recent article, Longmont Police Go High Tech, Pierrette J. Shields of Longmont Times-Call“ writes, "It probably isn't what comes to mind when you think "Robocop," but Longmont police are using more and more technology to enforce the laws, and officers say it is saving time and improving accuracy.”

Screen shot of TruCAM

Technology advances police work exponentially! I’ve been saying so for years so it’s nice when news of success comes from one of our customers! Longmont now enjoys the following technologies:

“A license plate reader can read and cross-reference hundreds of license plates with crime databases in an hour.

A computer system can pull data from car computers from moments before a crash to help investigators reconstruct accidents.

Officers use laser GPS systems to diagram accident scenes and upload the information directly into computers as part of the accident investigation and reconstruction.”

And a speed-detecting laser gun has a mounted camera that determines whether motorists are following too closely.”

“Longmont Police Traffic Sergeant Mike Bell said the tools are speeding up investigations and helping to keep officers on the streets by keeping them out of court for ticket challenges, especially in cases involving the camera. It records a car as it is clocked and shows its following distance from another vehicle. Bell said motorists have given up on challenging tickets once they saw the video.”

"We're talking about cars that are following right on someone's rear bumper," he said. "Where the problem comes in is most people will say, 'Well, I wasn't speeding. I drive this way all the time.”

IT TAKES ALL ‘JUDGEMENT’ OUT OF THE PROCESS! Am I the only one that gets excited about this? There’s no dissection, investigation, reasoning, or dissolution; just simple to read data that quickly establishes either yes or no. This commitment to ‘workable’ technology is a direct result of listening.

Adding to or expanding our core technologies continues to be a priority here at Laser Technology. Applied science that doesn’t serve the needs of those targeted to benefit is a waste of time and resources.

Listening to the men and women on patrol continues to drive LTI’s Research and Development team to deliver state of the art technologies that not only saves lives, but make the often thankless job of law enforcement that much easier.

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