Distracted Driving aka Texting While Driving Violations Caught On Film by Logan Police Department

by mphippen 21. August 2012 09:38

Utah's law defines careless driving as committing a moving violation (other than speeding) while distracted by use of a handheld cell phone or other activities not related to driving...

While state laws prohibiting the use of cell phones, texting, GPS, eating, personal grooming, and reading the newspaper or any other thing besides watching the road is well intentioned, the actual enforcement of such laws remain a challenge. The laws were written by legislators who answer to their constituents, but the execution is once again left to law enforcement to figure out.

Texting violators traveling in opposite directions
captured on camera in one single shot!

Most distracted driving laws require the arresting officer to actually see a phone or other such device before making a stop. Head bobbing, swerving, and other obvious signs of distracted driving are not enough. Lt. Peterson of the Logan, Utah Police Department came up with an enforcement strategy utilizing a digital camera. It was used to document distracted driving violations. In fact one image captured two separate texting violators traveling opposite directions with a single shot. That should give everyone an idea as to how pervasive this dangerous behavior has become!

“The officer making the traffic stop conducts an interview of the driver, by asking them if they were “texting” or just looking at e-mails or something else." Most drivers deny texting and admit to something else like “I was just going through my missed calls” or " I was just reading my text messages." “Whatever application they admit to manipulating other than making a phone call, results in a citation.”

He continued to say, “We run ‘Operation Paparazzi ‘on Main Street in our high accident area for 90 minutes during rush hour. The other day we issued 12 citations with only 3 officers. Many violations were observed and photographed, but there were not enough officers available to stop every violation observed. This has become a very dangerous epidemic! We feel these types of distractions are contributing to our high volume of accidents. We have found by using a camera and calling out violations to chase cars stationed down the road it has REALLY reduced our rear end crashes in this area.”

TruCAM is currently being used in Logan to mitigate aggressive driving given its equipped with DBC (Distance Between Cars) to deliver not only speed information, but the distance and elapsed time between the lead vehicle and the tailgater as well. Just as important though, TruCAM is also equipped with a high resolution digital video camera to document ALL violations for back up in the courtroom if necessary.

Let’s face it, TruCAM is absolutely the final say in ALL traffic enforcement strategies. Read more about the TruCAM.

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