Distracted Driving Causing Safety Issues on Highways

by mphippen 6. July 2012 10:32

The TruCAM can provide videographic evidence of offenders.

In an Associated Press article No elegant technical fixes for distracted driving published on June 11, 2012 it discussed the well known dangers of distracted driving and lamented over the fact any real gadgetry exists that prevents a driver from using the phone or texting while at the wheel.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said distracted driving is "a national epidemic". In Mr. LaHood’s “Blueprint for ending distracted driving” he emphasizes tougher laws, stronger enforcement, and ongoing public awareness. Given technology has yet to come up with practical ways of disabling cell phones, and 38 states thus far have laws banning phone usage and texting, this leaves it up to law enforcement to underpin any program designed to mitigate distracted driving.

Like many tasks traffic officers are asked to perform, distracted driving becomes a ‘judgment call.’ Most state laws require the officer to actually observe the phone so it must be visible. While the courts generally uphold the citing officer’s assessment, but let’s face it, the evidence is far more compelling when documented on video. The other indicators such as the head dipping up and down, weaving across the shoulder or center line, or missing stop signs might go unnoticed. But when all are documented it gives the driver, officer, and the judge the opportunity to put the event in context. The temptation for the driver to dispute the ticket is removed saving valuable time for everyone.

Laser Technology’s TruCam has the ability to video all of the above recording deployment locations, time, date, and store the event on an SD Card for replay. If we’re going to create real deterrents to driving distracted, here’s one that’s already IACP approved and courtroom tested. Read more information on the LTI TruCAM.

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