Alabama 38th State to Ban Texting While Driving

by mphippen 16. May 2012 07:43

The TruCAM Provides Hard Data for Officers' Judgment Calls

The GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Association) announced in a May 8 GHSA Press Release that Alabama has become the 38th State to ban texting while driving. That's fantastic! It's hard to imagine any state legislature's reasoning for NOT passing laws prohibiting texting or cell phone usage while driving. There's no need for statistics, as each and every one of us has either been guilty of or been involved in a near-miss with someone engaged with a cell phone. It's crystal clear to anyone watching that they're hardly aware of what's going on around them. Gesticulating, laughing, and/or fully ensconced in their conversation, I can't imagine this call important enough to risk a collision, injury, or even death. Does anyone REALLY need to know right now about your color selection for the baby's room, what you're wearing later, or where the market closed today? 99% of all cell phone calls and texts lack urgency and don't require an immediate reply. THEY CAN'T WAIT 10 MINUTES UNTIL OUT OF THE CAR?

Laser Technology TruCAM
We've all heard the above from responsible drivers of all ages, yet the problem worsens. The law is on the books giving law enforcement the green light to pull you over for texting. That said, this law is much like the "Driving too closely" laws contained in every state's vehicle code. It becomes subject to the arresting officer's 'judgment' whether or not the driver is at a safe stopping distance. So is texting! This becomes the driver's word versus the officer's perceived notion the driver was texting. This deniability also applies to 'stop sign running,' HOV lane violations, and worst of all tailgating; clogging courtrooms with contested cases of those individuals willing to misrepresent themselves.

Laser Technology Inc., has an answer for all of these 'judgment' calls. TruCam! Not only will the officer have a state-of-the-art LIDAR unit, but also has a high resolution digital video camera. This allows officers entrusted to enforce our traffic safety laws with a tool that will not only provide accurate speed and range information, but document all violations and store them on an SD card containing all deployment stats and imagery for playback in the courtroom if necessary. This is how traffic enforcement is done today! Eliminate the 'judgment' call and be prepared to quantify and document any violation that comes along.

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