Laser Technology DBC Explained in American Cop Magazine

by mphippen 8. May 2012 11:48

"Light Grenades, Sabers, and Tailgating, Oh My" - How to Quantify "Following too Close"

Had a ticket thrown out lately? Looking for solid proof? Ever wish you had a "Light Saber?" In the May 2012 edition of American Cop Magazine, author Jason Hoschouer sheds insight about Laser Technology's DBC (Distance Between Cars) referring to this newest innovation as being "more lidar wizardry." This unique patented firmware created by LTI is the only LIDAR unit with this feature, giving officers the ability to collect hard and accurate data to go along with their visual to actually quantify tailgating! No longer a 'judgment' call, DBC instantly displays the distance, speed, and elapsed time between the offending vehicle and lead vehicle.

This interesting read goes into detail how a safe speed is determined, lidar versus radar, the benefits of DBC, and focuses on how the Ultralyte (UL) 100LR with DBC performs. Hoschouer further states, "Think of it as having the ability to launch light grenades from your aforementioned light saber." "When I shoot the front (or back) of two vehicles in question, the lidar will calculate a number of things in the blink of an eye: the distance from my location to each vehicle, the speed of each vehicle, the distance between each vehicle in feet, as well as time in seconds, and how long between the shots I took." This informative article is a good read and would love to hear your take on it.

Read "Distance Between Cars More Lidar Wizardry", and when you do, make sure to click on the more link at the bottom of the page to get the full article.

More information on how DBC is being used worldwide by officers is available at Laser Technology DBC Firmware.

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