The UltraLyte Laser Speed Gun is Gaining International Interest

by aclarke 28. February 2012 09:23

The UltraLyte is part of England's zero tolerance campaign.

The city of Dorset, England, has recently begun a new program for handling motor vehicle offences. "The rural force has launched a zero-tolerance campaign against motoring offenses such as using mobile phones while driving, after incidents including a man playing a harmonica at the wheel of his car." says Mail Online, an internet newspaper publication for the UK. And yes, that is a man playing a harmonica with BOTH hands while driving! The Dorset police department has purchased two UltraLytes to assist in their campaign efforts. Officers will be able to accurately see if drivers are using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt.

Read the full article: "Police force's £12,500 laser speed camera that catches drivers using a mobile phone from half a mile away"- Mail Online, 04/02/2012.

Laser Technology's Ultralyte Laser Speed Gun will help officers crack down on their zero-tolerance campaign by helping provide photo evidence for courtroom convictions. The Ultralyte is being used in conjunction with a powerful HD camera that together can capture motorists in the 'act'. This new equipment on top of recording speed, can pick out whether or not a motorist is wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone while driving from a distance of up to 600 metres. The UltraLyte has pinpoint targeting, accuracy validation software and unmatched versatility.


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