TruFlash and IR Link Module Enhance Nighttime Speed Enforcement

by valvino 23. February 2012 08:09

Laser Technology's new products help keep roads safe at night.

Laser Technology Inc., has released the new TruFlash and IR Link Module that enhance nighttime speed enforcement. The TruFlash and IR Link integrate with your TruCAM unit to produce high quality images for speed enforcement at night. The IR Link Module allows your TruCAM and TruFlash to communicate via IR without the need for a cumbersome cable making deployment easy and can be managed by one officer.

While the TruCAM is already able to capture nighttime images, the integration with the new TruFlash and IR Link Module further enhances its ability by producing clear and illuminated nighttime images that make the license plate easily recognizable and provide clear cut evidence for the courts.

A compelling argument can be made to the importance of nighttime speed enforcement. Studies done at the University of Crete in Greece and the University of Manchester in the UK point to the fact that a driver’s ability to avoid collisions is significantly impeded under dim lighting conditions.  Read more on the study, "Road traffic casualties: understanding the night-time death toll".

While the number of miles driven at night decreases substantially compared with daytime driving, more than ½ of all traffic deaths occur after dark. The severity of the injuries are doubled at night and in addition to the dim lighting, speeding in these conditions adds exponentially to these injuries and in many cases, fatalities. It is simple. Drivers cannot see that well at night, yet they continue to speed and terrible things are the result of such actions.

What can your department do to mitigate these results in your community? The TruFlash and IR Link Module have been developed to help you in your fight to keep your community and highways safe.

Contact your local Laser Technology Inc., representative or call LTI at +1-877-696-2584 for more information or to ask for a demonstration and "keep your roads safe at night" as well as during day.

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