Additional LTI Ultralyte Laser Rangefinders Added to the French Gendarmerie

by admin 12. January 2011 13:38

The French Gendarmerie added more Ultralyte lasers based on their government deciding to strengthen their speed enforcement policy. LTI was asked to provide custom features into the laser rangefinders to ensure compliance of the speed enforcement laws that are established in France. Read the case study in this post to see how the French Gendarmerie had Laser Technology customize the laser speed guns to help them enforce the speed limit in their country.

French Gendarmerie Strengthen Speed Enforcement Policy

Earlier this year, the French Gendarmerie added an additional 200 UltraLyte lasers to their fleet following an even bigger order placed last year. The 3-year tender is being handled by LTI's European subsidiary, based in Bordeaux, France and originated from the government’s decision to strengthen its policy against road violence. The French Metrology Institute required custom features to be implemented into the UltraLyte's internal software before they could accept the bid.

One of the features requires the officers to select the direction of either approaching or departing vehicles, prior taking a speed measurement. The laser allows officers to enter a specific speed limit directly into the UltraLyte. If a speed measurement exceeds the entered value, a higher pitched audio tone is activated, giving the officer a visual and audio indication that the vehicle is speeding. Both of these features were required to ensure the compliance of the speed enforcement laws established in France.

The UltraLyte laser has received approvals for use in the U.S. and other countries across the world. LTI has also lead the way to establish judicial precedence for lasers.

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