TruCAM Used For Speed Enforcement in Brazil

by mphippen 20. August 2013 09:41

Brazil was one of the first countries to recognize and embrace Laser Technology's TruCAM as an excellent solution to mitigate speeding and aggressive driving. It has been used for speed enforcement there since 2009 and has proved to be invaluable -- in fact, earlier this month on the front page of Santa Catarina, Brazil’s e-Newspaper is a picture of TruCAM’s video display showing the rear of a Mercedes clocked at 200 kilometers per hour! More...

Have You Registered for

by mphippen 12. August 2013 12:48

Sign up to Get Grant Funding for Your Law Enforcement Agency

The reason I ask, is because Federal grant monies will be unavailable to your department unless you get it registered. In the summer of 2013 SAM (SYSTEM for AWARD MANAGEMENT) registration became a requirement for all Federal grant applications and awardees. To state it clearly here, unless your department is registered with you won’t be able to even apply period! More...

TruCAM Distributed In Thailand

by admin 31. July 2013 13:15

Road transport is one of the main transportation means in a country which parts of, especially the city of Bangkok, are infamous for traffic jams and road accidents occurring on a daily basis. The majority of accidents seem to happen particularly in car parks throughout Thailand. The Department of Transport recognized a need for new technologies to help their police authorities and officers work more efficiently and so the Department of Land Transport Project was born.More...

Communication Campaigns Against Speeding and Distracted Driving

by admin 29. July 2013 11:23

We certainly know that speeding and distracted driving are dangers to the roadway. Both activities reduce reaction times and contribute to too many accidents each year. Laser Technology has the technology to identify speeders and distracted driving. For example, LTI 's 20-20 TruCAM collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for speeding and tailgating, along with a high-resolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number and facial characteristics of the driver -- a look at whether the driver is looking down or doing some other activity that would constitute distracted driving. More...

TruCAM Demonstrations Held with Officers in Sri Lanka

by admin 16. July 2013 14:06

Ricky D’Souza, LTI’s Regional Sales Manager for South and Central Asia was recently in Sri Lanka demonstrating Laser Technology's Traffic Safety products to all states and their police departments. With the opening of new highways in the country, the Government is very interested in using the LTI 20/20 TruCAM as its main speed enforcement tool. Chief Inspector In Charge, Anuruddha K Chandrasekara of Southern Expressway Police Division, has been busy training all police departments in Sri Lanka about the TruCAM. More...

LTI Supports Teaching Today's Youth Safe Driving Habits

by mphippen 2. July 2013 12:59

Keep the Faith and One Eye Open

We at LTI support teaching today's youth safe driving habits, and focus on the message "complacency kills." As we approach the fourth of July, it is imperative for us as parents to remind our children the importance of safe driving. Ongoing issues with teen drivers such as drunk driving, distracted driving, and staying focused should be taken seriously by parents who continue to have the most influence on their teen’s driving behaviors.More...

Myanmar Police Expand Traffic Enforcement with Laser Technology's Laser Speed Guns

by valvino 1. July 2013 13:43

With the opening of Myanmar’s borders to the rest of the world they've also opened the door to technologies they've only imagined or at best read about. As most police departments are, the Myanmar Police are committed to saving lives through traffic enforcement programs. Major General Kyaw Kyaw Tun the current Director General has given the go ahead to expand their traffic enforcement efforts with additional personnel and equipment.More...

Laser Technology Traffic Safety Products Now in Myanmar (Burma)

by admin 30. May 2013 15:23

ACM awarded exclusive distributor/dealer for LTI in Myanmar.

On May 27, 2013 Aye Chan Myittar (ACM) were awarded to be the exclusive distributor/dealer of LTI Traffic Safety products in Myanmar (Burma). Based in Yangon, ACM Co., Ltd. is one of the leading telecom and security companies in Myanmar.More...

Difference Between Radar and Lidar Explained

by mphippen 15. May 2013 13:25

Everyone involved in traffic enforcement have no doubt heard the term "Laser Radar" used in reference to LIDAR speed enforcement. In actuality, LIDAR is far more target selective than RADAR.

It's quite the quandary that some 25 years later this contradictory reference is still being used in the field. I thought that for the record, to discuss the primary differences between RADAR and LIDAR technologies as they apply to speed enforcement was in order. More...

Distracted Driving - Prevention and Safety

by nackerson 12. May 2013 12:41

The LTI TruCAM Can Help Make Our Roads Safer

Many states legislation have been reluctant to pass laws making texting/phone use while driving illegal. Statistically speaking distracted driving, whether it involves texting or using a hand-held device to talk is a hazard on all roadways. In fact, many authorities think that distracted driving is currently a bigger problem than drunk driving! In a recent study conducted by the CDC, many citizens would support laws that would outlaw these dangerous practices that could result in catastrophic and irreparable damage. More...

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