Traffic Safety Increased in Brazil with Use of Technology

by smiller 8. September 2012 11:58

TruCAM Assists in Speed Enforcement in São Paulo.

Law enforcement in São Paulo, Brazil is turning to LTI's TruCAM photo/video speed enforcement laser to help enforce the speed limit on their highways. Traffic safety has become a big problem, especially with motorcycles, and thanks to TruCAM's technology, they now have a way to have photographic evidence of speeding violators. More...

L & W Engineering Participate in TT Police Caravan

by smiller 4. September 2012 15:11

L & W Engineering Equipment, Ltd., a dealer for Laser Technology, participated in the “Police Caravan”, a public awareness initiative done by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service which moves from district to district sensitizing the public of the activities of the police service. The Acting Police Commissioner was on-site at the Caravan's program and had a hands-on session / demonstration of the TruCAM with Monique of L&W. More...

TISPOL Holds Speed Enforcement Campaign in Europe

by smiller 29. August 2012 11:12

Last week, the TISPOL (the European Traffic Police Network) held a week-long Speed Enforcement Campaign targeting speeding motorists in which over 27 countries throughout Europe participated. The operation forms a key part of TISPOL's strategy designed to reduce the number of people killed and or seriously injured on roads in Europe. More...

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