Easy Method for Collecting Vehicle Crush Profile Data

by scolburn 26. March 2021 14:36

By: Steve Colburn, Applications Training Specialist, Laser Technology, Inc.
Photos and case study data courtesy of: Rich Maxwell

Today’s Crash Investigator makes use of all possible data sources at their disposal when reconstructing an incident. The more information that can be analyzed by the team, the more confidence they have in their assessment of the situation. Most of this data is collected with mapping tools and photography in short order right at the scene so it can be cleared quickly. However, some data like vehicle crush profile is typically not due to the time and personnel resources it requires. This specific data set is essential for determining the maximum engagement between two vehicles, which contributes to finding the principal direction of force. It is also very useful for putting vehicles together in scaled diagrams and showing the sequence of the crash.More...

NAMOA 2013 Conference Recap

by scolburn 4. June 2013 11:59

Laser Technology exhibited our Traffic Safety products at the 31st annual NAMOA conference held May 15-18, 2013. Over 75 motor officers were in attendance from the Northwest region, primarily from Oregon, Washington & British Columbia. More...

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