Hong Kong Begins Aggressive Driving / Speed Enforcement Campaign with TruCAM

by mphippen 14. December 2013 09:14

LTI 20-20 Marksman, UltraLyte 100LR, and now TruCAM represent the level of commitment the Hong Kong Police has toward highway safety. In a televised news report from Hong Kong last week, Laser Technology's TruCAM laser speed gun was featured alongside a new digital Breathalyzer. On December 15, 2013 the Police Department will begin an enforcement campaign to rein in aggressive and/or drunk drivers. More...

Enforcing Mumbai's Traffic Laws with Laser Technology's Laser Speed Devices

by mphippen 11. December 2013 08:39

Once again Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) and its laser speed enforcement tools come to the aid of another burgeoning Asian city. With a population of over 20 million people Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India has a problem. Not just congested roads and bad drivers, but logistical issues as well. In total they have 33,000 police officers or 165 per 100,000 citizens! The Traffic Police are hopeful the PicoDigiCam and TruSpeed SE laser speed gun will make them much more effective when enforcing Mumbai's traffic laws. More...

Brazilian Police Surprise Speeders with New Speed Enforcement Tool

by mphippen 26. November 2013 11:31

The Key to Highway Safety on the Roads of Brazil - The TruSpeed S Laser Speed Device!

The Brazilian Federal Highway Police, knowing LTI to be the leader in laser-based speed enforcement tools, took a look at the TruSpeed S laser speed device and liked what they saw. The TruSpeed S is now currently being tested and used by the Brazilian Federal Highway Police to enforce the speed limit on their roadways. With the laser in hand, the Brazilian Federal Police managed to recently catch quite a few speed violators on a major stretch of highway in Brazil. More...

TruCAM Plays Important Role in Revealing the Travesty of Texting While Driving!

by mphippen 12. November 2013 14:43

For nearly two years now we've repeatedly featured blogs pointing out the many examples death and injury caused by the deadly act of texting while driving. We also advised law enforcement professionals that TruCAM is the perfect tool for the difficult task of enforcing anti-texting laws. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse…it does! More...

Republic of Slovenia Takes on Tailgating Offenders

by mphippen 1. November 2013 09:53

TruCAM w/DBC Making a Difference!

It's nice to see one of the lesser known members of the European Union embracing Laser Technology's strongest enforcement tool – TruCam with DBC (Distance Between Cars)! In an article published in Slovenias on-line newspaper Revija Nas dom, one of the first drivers cited by using TruCAM w/DBC shared their experience with fellow citizens. While the English translation was a bit rough, there was no hiding the driver's surprise. More...

Professional Grant Writers Make It Happen

by mphippen 14. October 2013 13:51

It's hard to say with any certainty just how many Laser Technology UltraLytes, TruSpeeds, and TruSpeed Sx’s have been purchased through successful grants, but assume a good many have. But in these days of budgetary restraint and prioritization police departments often times find themselves hard-pressed to get what they REALLY want. More...

Grants for Distracted Driving Received by Few States

by mphippen 20. September 2013 09:30

At the end of August this year Laser Technology sponsored a 'Webinar' discussing the importance of grant writing. Jeff Merriman was our guest and led the discussion based on writing successful grants totaling $13.5 million in federal and state grants since 2005. He's very good!

In the discussion Jeff stressed the importance of qualifying for the right grant. But the very first thing an agency should do is register with S.A.M. (System for Award Management), obtain a DUNS number, and actively participate in the NIMS program. All these have to be completed before you could even apply.More...

Officers Use LTI UltraLyte to Help Keep School Zones Safe

by mphippen 3. September 2013 12:34

Laser Technology is truly proud of our contribution to traffic safety over the years and our family of Laser based instruments has improved the lives of traffic officers worldwide providing precision tools for capturing speeds, aggressive drivers, and accident reconstruction. The UltraLyte series of laser speed guns is second to none when it comes to enforcing our speed laws. Here is vivid proof:

Okay ladies and gentlemen, parents, and drivers everywhere, school is officially back in session. In a news story released last week Douglas County deputies were taking care our little ones had safe passage while returning to school. More...

Laser Technology One Step Ahead with TruCAM

by mphippen 3. September 2013 12:13

I continue to be amazed at how Laser Technology is always one step ahead by incorporating cutting edge innovations into our 2nd and 3rd generation lasers. LTI has integrated a laser with a digital video camera, making the LTI 20/20 TruCAM the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available today. It is the only all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera on the market. More...

Operation 130 Safe Passage Using TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun

by mphippen 20. August 2013 12:51

Just when you think you've seen every application for LIDAR speed enforcement some creative people find yet another use for them. In a recent broadcast reported by Cleve Bryan of CBS 3, Officer Bryan Norcross, of the Burlington County Police Department demonstrates and talks about how they're using the TruSpeed laser speed gun. More...

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