Walmart Foundation Grant Used to Purchase an LTI TruSpeed LR

by rturriff 22. February 2016 12:29

Thanks to a $1,500 grant from the Walmart Foundation, the West Hartford Police Department in Connecticut are now able to improve their speed enforcement efforts. Because of the grant, the traffic division was able to purchase the LTI TruSpeed LR. With their new technology, the West Hartford Police Department will continue to make traffic safety a priority and can now accurately and efficiently enforce the speed limits around the town.More...

IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress 2015

by admin 14. September 2015 12:16

The first IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress is happening from September 15-18 in Istanbul, Turkey. Over 130 speakers and 15 governments from over 40 countries; offering seven technical tracks with 200 speakers discussing such topics as Safer Roads, Planning & Funding Road Infrastructure and Road Asset Management and more. This conference will be a wealth of information, learning and technology for all who attend. More...

Indianapolis Police Crack Down on School Zone Speed Limits

by rturriff 28. August 2015 11:05

30,000 Indianapolis students started their first day of classes on Monday morning and local police officers are cracking down on speeding in the school zones to keep them safe. According to Officer Chris Meyers, most drivers are not paying attention and tend to drive through the 25 MPH zones at around 30-32 MPH, ignoring the required speed limit. More...

AACOP Summer Conference 2015

by admin 23. July 2015 09:11

Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police - AACOP annual Summer Conference is being held August 3-6 at the Orange Beach Convention Center in Orange Beach, AL. Representing over 350 Chiefs of Police professionals in the State of Alabama, AACOP holds these conferences to educate through seminars and workshops, provide networking opportunities and bring the latest in products and technology to law enforcement officials. More...

Mississippi Chiefs of Police Conference 2015

by admin 19. May 2015 08:25

Laser Technology (LTI) will be attending the 2015 Mississippi Chiefs of Police Summer Conference on June 16-19 at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi, MS. Featuring training and exhibits, attendees will get a chance to learn about the latest in products and technology at the event.

Swing by LTI's booth and see such traffic safety products as the TruSpeed laser speed gun series, with models designed for such applications as speed enforcement and crash scene investigation.

Speed Enforcement Campaign Launched in New England States

by admin 7. May 2015 12:18

New England region's six states launched the first ever coordinated 'crackdown' on speeding and failure to wear seat belts in the area. Titled the "New England Drive to Save Lives" campaign, local and state police are targeting violators on Interstates 91 and 95 this week. The second phase will include highways and secondary roads across the region. More...

Connecticut Towns Integrate Plans to Keep Pedestrians Safer

by kharrold 23. October 2014 11:13

Laser Technology's TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun Used to Help Enforce Local Traffic Laws

LTI's TruSpeed
Laser Speed Gun

When the term traffic safety is used we don't always think about pedestrians and how they fit into this picture. Yet, dangerous driving is a very real threat to people on foot and other non-motorized vehicles. An article recently published by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign features details about the comprehensive safe streets initiative launched in Bridgeport, CT. Several pedestrians have been killed by motorists in the town in the last four years, prompting Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch to bring attention to the fatal matter. More...

LTI's Laser Speed Guns Help Enforce Speed Limit Over Labor Day Weekend

by mphippen 8. September 2014 08:59

"Over The River and Through The Woods….." Road to Grandma's House no Laughing Matter

Laser Technology Inc. proudly supports our nation's traffic enforcement officers. TruCam, TruSpeed, TruSpeed Sx, and DBC firmware for quantifying "Tailgating" and Aggressive Driving, were in full force over the Labor Day weekend. More...

LTI and NHTSA Urge Cinco de Mayo Celebrators to Designate a Driver

by kharrold 21. April 2014 10:01

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), joins the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a push for prevention of drunk driving over the Cinco de Mayo holiday. In 2012, according to NHTSA, seventy-one percent of the drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes on Cinco de Mayo had blood alcohol content levels of .15 g/dL or more. That is almost twice the legal limit. Although the holiday is relatively minor in most parts of Mexico and even ignored by many Mexican states, millions of Mexican Americans and supporters of the culture in the US continue to celebrate it today. More...

TruSpeed Laser Speed Guns Provide Solution for Meridian PD

by admin 4. February 2014 11:36

Laser Technology Provides Hands-On Training of Speed Enforcement Technology

TruSpeed laser speed gun training
with Meridian Police Department.

The Meridian, Mississippi Police Department recently contacted Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) for a better solution for speed enforcement. The radar units that were currently being used in the department were not providing them with all the functionality needed to catch speeding violators on their highways. It was explained to LTI that officers were experiencing problems getting a fix on a single vehicle during heavy traffic hours in the morning and afternoon. Bryan Willis, Sales Rep for Laser Technology, offered them the perfect solution -- the TruSpeed laser speed gun.

A demonstration and training of the TruSpeed was held where officers tracked the speed of vehicles on a bridge overpass overlooking a 60 MPH section of I-20. More...

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